About Cartersville

The city of Cartersville, Georgia is the county seat of Bartow County and sit along the northwestern edge of the Atlanta metro area. The city is as warm and welcoming as it’s motto, “Be Charmed, Be Prosperous, Belong.” The local economy is based heavily on tourism and manufacturing, major employers in the city are Anheuser-Busch, Shaw Industries, Trinity Rail and others. Many notable people have called Cartersville home including, but not limited to long time columnist Charles Henry Smith who wrote under the nom de plume Bill Arp, the first African-American Supreme Court justice in the state of Georgia Robert Benham, actor and comedian Wayne Knight, and founding member and drummer of Lynyrd Skynyrd Bob Burns.Prior to the arrival of settlers, the area was inhabited by indigenous tribes of the Mississippian culture, who inhabited the area from around 100 A.D. to 1550 A.D. In approximately 1850, the town that would one day be Cartersville was established, but in those early days it was known to residents as Birmingham. The city was officially incorporated as the town of Cartersville in 1854 and was named for Colonel F. Carter, soon after in 1872 it was re-incorporated as a city. Cartersville was also the home to a famous evangelist, Reverend Sam P. Jones who lived in the area in the 1880s. His home, RoseLawn, has been restored and operates as a museum welcoming visitors to take a glimpse at the past. Cartersville is also home to the beautiful Historic Downtown Cartersville with buildings like the Grand Theatre and the Bartow History Center.

According to the United States Census of 2010, Cartersville spans 29.3 square miles and is home to 19,731 residents giving the city a population density of 677 people per square mile. According to, whose information comes from the same census, the median household income in the city in 2010 was $49,590. The website reported that per capita income in Cartersville in 2010 was $20,830. Home values and costs, which are reported by, reveal that in 2012 the estimated median house of condo value in the city was $118,029 and the median price for all housing units was $209,132 while median gross rent was $808.

Public education in Cartersville is provided by the Cartersville City School District and includes a primary school, elementary school, middle school and a high school. There are also two private schools in the city, Excel Christian Academy and the Trinity School. Points of interest in the city include, but are not limited to the Booth Western Art Museum, the Etowah Indian Mounds and the Tellus Science Museum (formerly known as the Weinman Mineral Museum. Homes for sale range from small homes and fixer-uppers through large family homes and luxury homes. Other housing options include rental properties like apartments, duplexes and single family homes. Whether you need a bachelor pad, a family home or a place to retire, call Houston Long at 770-608-7550 and explore all your options in lovely Cartersville, Georgia

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