About Kingston

The city of Kingston, Georgia is located in west-central portion of Bartow County. The community is small, the 369th largest city in the state and is charming and comfortable. The local economy is based equally on blue and white collar workers. With everything from factory work, sales, office work and more to choose from for employment. Landmarks include the Kingston Museum, the historic Price House, Old Macedonia Church the Kingston Saltpeter Cave and several historic markers scattered about town. The average work commute for residents of Kingston is just over 30 minutes. However, the city does feature a wonderful public transportation to locations in and around Kingston including to various surrounding communities.

The area that would one day be Kingston, Georgia was first inhabited by the Mississippian culture and later by the Cherokee nation which were removed in about 1838. Pioneers and settlers followed brought by land lotteries and rich fertile land. One of the largest events in local history was the Great Locomotive Chase of 1862 when northern troops commandeered The General and were pursued by southern troops. The area was home to several hospitals, battlefields and more making it rich in Civil War history and heritage. Though the city has embraced progress they have also worked hard to preserve sites, artifacts documents that ensure that their past is never forgotten.

According to the United States Census of 2010, Kingston spanned 1.3 square miles and was home to 637 residents giving the city a population density of 506 people per square mile. The estimated median household income in 2012, as reported by, was $28,113 and the estimated per capita income for the same year was $11,421. The site goes on to report that the estimated median home value for houses and condos in the city in 2012 was $74,557 and the mean prices for homes the same year was $122, 014. The median gross rent in the city in 2012 was $695.

Life moves at a slower pace along the quiet streets of Kingston, Georgia. Homes for sale range from small starter homes up through luxury homes, but the majority of homes fall into the middle class bracket. Other housing options include apartments, houses and multifamily structures such as duplexes for rent as well as townhouses and condominiums with a variety of amenities for sale or lease.