About Rydal

The community of Rydal, also known Pine Log is an unincorporated area in Bartow County, Georgia. The name Pine Log is actually in reference to the historic town of Pine Log which lies within Rydal itself and the name Rydal is in reference to the train depot and post office that were built there over a century ago. The unincorporated area is mostly rural in nature though in recent years there has been growth, including new subdivisions and factories. The historic area features Pine Log Elementary School as well as several historic churches and homes. The area is a peaceful one and retains its rural and historic charms.

The area called Pine Log was inhabited and named by the indigenous Cherokee tribes. In 1785 the treaty of Hopewell was signed between settlers and the natives. The treaty designated boundaries and outlined behavior for trade and conduct between the two groups. Bartow County was known in the beginning as Cass County and was established in 1832 and soon after the town of Pine Log was established with settlers adopting the Cherokee name for the area. The railroad came through the area in 1906 and Rydal station was built two years later in 1908 the station was granted a post office. Today, Rydal works to maintain it’s historic and rural nature.

According to the United States Census of 2010, the unincorporated area of Rydal is 53.6 square miles with a population of 4,087. This gives the area a population density of only 76.2 people per square mile. Though economic statistics are hard to come by for Rydal, in 2013 the per capita income in Bartow county was $29,844, according to bea.gov. According to city-data.com the median value of housing units in Rydal was $168, 823 and the mean price for housing units, including both houses and condominiums for sale in Rydal was $226,566.

Via Interstate 75 the unincorporated community of Rydal is just a short commute to Atlanta, Chattanooga and more. Rydal is near neighbors with both Cartersville and Adairsville ensuring easy access to employment, entertainment and so much more. Homes for sale in Rydal range from starter homes up through sprawling estate like properties. Other housing opportunities include apartments, houses and mutlifamily structures for rent as well as condominiums and townhouses for sale or lease.