About White

White is a small city that spans less than one square mile of Bartow County, Georgia. White is situated between the rural areas of the northwest part of the state and the urban areas of the southern part of the state. White is a quiet little city which serves as a bedroom community to Cartersville and other surrounding communities. White’s workforce though predominantly employed outside the community they are just about an equal split between white and blue collar workers. The city of White is a single neighborhood seeming more like a small town than a city, it is ranked 358th in size within the state of Georgia.

The city was named after James Alexander White, the first postmaster. The post office was established in 1890 but the city was not incorporated until January of 1919 and it’s first mayor, W.B.Vaughn was appointed in August of the same year. In 1925, a fire destroyed much of the town including a grist mill, the Odd Fellows’ Hall, stores, homes and a restaurant. The town worked to rebuild and by 1928 it was a thriving community with far more businesses, shops and homes than before including two grist mills, two lumber mills, ore mines and more. The Great Depression in the early 1930s causes some businesses to close but the town held on. The town worked to implement and improve services like water, sanitation, streets and emergency services like fire and police through the 40s, 50s and 60s and in 1962 White wa was re-incorporated as a city.

According to the United States Census of 2010, White spanned just under one square mile and was home to 670 residents giving the city a population density of 695 people per square mile. According to city-data.com, in 2012 the estimated median household income in White was $35,032 and the per capita income was $13,191. The site also reported that the estimated median house or condo value in the little city was $81,724, the mean home price was $97,797 and the median gross rent was $914.

The small city is known for its quiet streets and rural atmosphere. Homes for sale in White range from small starter homes up through family sized homes and are predominantly middle class in nature. Other housing options include rental properties such as houses, apartments and multifamily structures such such as duplexes as well as townhouses and condominiums for sale or lease.